All Four Podcasts Have Syndicated!2 min read

What a delightful moment to realize that after 4 years of running multiple podcasts and having 274 episodes under your belt, you find not one, but TWO radio stations who want to run your content. Starting in October of 2021 KHNC 1360AM and KXLI 100.3FM both requested the content we’ve been running.

It is a delight and surprise to have such acknowledgement  for the work me and my 7 teams of pre- and post-production crews have put into the shows, the guests and the promotions for so many amazing people and their messages. 

Thank you, KHNC for the Station Tour Today. I snapped a few pics of the busy station with all their folks working steadily to bring you the wonderful shows you’ve come to enjoy!

Our main man and station manager, Jason, he was getting ready to introduce me to the KHNC family and had me on his Small Business Segment where I was able to chat about The Janine Bolon Show and the awesome guests we will be bring to the KHNC community of listeners.

Next is the hard working and very considerate, Jack, the soundboard man! He pops his head into the booth to make sure your headset volume is at the right setting and that you have everything you need before you go live. When you call into the show to ask questions, Jack is handling the incoming communications. Thank you for making my first appearance such a delight!

Christina has just joined the team at KHNC and is learning the necessary systems for all things accounting. When it comes to handling the dollars & sense (see what I did there) She is the main woman! Thank you for keeping us solvent, Christina!

Pastor Paul was in the station as I waited in the green room for my turn to go On-the-Air. The front lobby had his warm laugh, fun-loving humor, and excellent advice. If you ever need to hear a great story, be sure to ask after “The Rev.”

Before I left the station, I was sent off with “Mom’s” wonderful smile and a list of show hosts for me to have on The Janine Bolon Show! Mom is currently training Christina to handle the accounts as she steps away for the task to care for family. What a treat to have her pop in before I left. Thanks, Mom!

Next time you’re in Johnstown, Colorado, be sure to step into KHNCs lobby and see all the folks who keep that communication hub running. And before you leave town, grab a cup-o- joe at the Black Sheep Coffee & Crepes. 

The folks behind the counter are super nice and the coffee is fabulous. 

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