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Hey, Janine Bolon here. Real quick, I wanted to let you know what we were doing yesterday. And that was the 100 Authors event courtesy of Michelle Mras. I don’t know if you know this, but this woman is amazing. She has written multiple books, has a highly successful speaking career, been on TedX and lives an unapologetic life.  Christoff Weihman was so impressed with everything that Michelle has done, that he actually created a brand new award called the unapologetic award. And so I wanted to let all you fabulous authors know that here’s an opportunity for you to join other authors to share your story, not only be able to learn how to speak in public, not only be able to promote your book, but be surrounded by people that are more than happy to help you get your message out to more listeners. 

If you missed this event  I’m going to have a button below where you can sign up for the next one. And when is the next one going to be? We will let you know as soon as we get the perfect location. All right, I just wanted to share with you that little bit of a promotion for that, mainly because I know you probably were a little upset. You weren’t a part of this, you maybe you didn’t even know about it. And so I just wanted to give you a little bit of a promo on it. And that way you know that don’t miss the next one. This is a group of people you definitely want to surround yourself with, because they will help raise you up, help you get your message out there and just quality people. Alright, we’ll see you at the next event. Enjoy the rest of the article.

Have you been to the 3E's Comedy Club?

A big shout out to Eric Phillips for hosting the 100 Author’s Event in Colorado Springs. We totally took over the stage, the lobby and most of the club as we cheered, sang, danced and promoted our books to all of those in attendance.  If you have a chance, pop by the club next time you’re looking for a great place to laugh and have some fun! 

Thank you to Michelle Mras for supporting the 100 Authors Event. This is her brainchild where she was inspired to create this event as a place for, “Authors to Nurture Authors!” It was a fantastic time and so many of us learned so much as we heard from publishers, social media experts, podcasters and veteran authors!

Richard Rieman, the audio book Wizard shared with us his non-profit organization and the wonderful video books that are being offered to young children that need to have books signed to them as well as closed captioned. Check out the Imagination Videobooks website to see how you can support a fabulous program.

Mo, the Service Dog was in attendance with his human and fellow author, Beenie Mann of Happiness Matters fame. It was lovely having a four legged canine author represented and to have him bring his human was icing on the cake. 

Did you know that Author and Mentor, Marie Valdez Lamley is known for coaching authors to their own finish line and assists them with money making mindsets? She is a dear soul you want to get to know better. 

Erin Bauer, From Beaten to Badass, author was supporting other first-time authors as they asked questions about her fantastic ability to brand, market and promote her wonderful book and programs.

Getting to Wow, Author, Cristoff Weihman. Also the founder of the Ultimate Speaker Competition was present at the event where he honored our hostess, Michelle Mras with the Unapologetic Award. A new award to highlight speakers living an unapologetic life! He brought sparkle and trophies to the event.

Dr. Rena Koesler was there sharing with us her second book, Unflappable. She’s been on several of our podcast programs and I recommend you listen to her discuss how to move through uncertain times with Unflappable Courage! 

Self proclaimed introvert, Nick Shelton had some fun sharing with us ways to network when it really stretches you out of your comfort zone. If you’re shy, this is your guide to help you walk the path of networking.

Multi-book author, Rev. Jeff, took some time to chat with us about Vibrantly Mortal, where he talks about how engaging in conversations about death will actually enrich people’s lives. He had some amazing points on how to bring up discussions that can heal families. 

Achieving Abundance, Michelle McGee

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