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Author Podcasting book by Janine Bolon

Author Podcasting: Be a Stand-Out Guest While Taking Your Book on a Virtual Tour

Your Book Needs a Media Kit!

Author Podcasting is a guide to the author who wishes to promote their book without coming off as salesy. There is so much more to you, your book and your message that you can share with podcast hosts and their listeners. Podcasting is a form of marketing that can be done completely virtual, requires no expensive equipment or new software, and just needs your participation in a quiet room. Something you already have as an author!

Inside Author Podcasting, you will discover:

  • How a media kit sets you apart as a professional guest for show hosts.
  • What a media kit is and how to build it for podcast hosts’ best use.
  • How to get onto more podcast programs. (I’ve included some email scripts for you.)
  • A checklist of things to do after you’ve been on a podcast show that promotes you and your show host (a Win-Win-Win for you, the host, and your audience).

Before you spend a lot of money, time and energy building out an expensive marketing campaign, you MUST read this book.

The Thriving Solopreneur Book by Janine Bolon

The Thriving Solopreneur: Nurture Your Business In Just 4 Hours a Week

Build Client Base and Your Cash Flow!

As a solopreneur, you wanted to work for yourself so that you would have more freedom with your lifestyle, more fun with your family and more flexibility with your schedule. There’s never been a better time to earn more money by starting a part-time solo venture. But being your own boss can be a challenge or feel scary if you’ve never been in charge of your own calendar before.

In The Thriving Solopreneur, Janine Bolon answers questions every solopreneur has had about creating a business and building a strong client base. It’s a complete guide on how to leverage your time for your part-time gig so that you can make your side-hustle your primary source of income given enough time. You’ll get answers to these common questions:

  • How do I meet new people?
  • How do I get more clients?
  • How can I leverage what little time I have for marketing?
  • What do I do with all these old business cards?
  • What’s the best way to prospect?
  • What do I say once I get someone on the phone?

No matter if you’re a freelancer, independent contractor, or coach in the 24/7 economy, you’ll get essential knowledge, tools, and inspiration to live a successful solopreneurial life.

Janine Bolon demystifies how to start bringing in clients from the people you already have in your phone, Facebook Friends and LinkedIn Contacts. She covers the essential 4 hours a week that she works “on” her business to keep her cash flow coming in and new clients asking for her products and services. Her upbeat tone and approach for managing chaotic weeks, time management issues, and creating a system to get work done as well as market your business are just a few gems you’ll discover.

Janine’s smart tips and links to videos include refreshing strategies for earning more, managing the unexpected, and reaching your financial goals. You’ll come away empowered to build your part-time solo business and create long-lasting financial security.

After reading The Thriving Solopreneur, you’ll be able to:

  • Earn part-time self-employed income with confidence
  • Refine your business outreach through the 4 hour a week system
  • Turbocharge your productivity by taking control of your calendar
  • Set up an automatic client acquisition system to achieve increased income
  • Build a system for handling all those bags and bags of business cards
  • Create a relationship management system for moving your conversations from text to phone calls

Whether you work by yourself, from home, or in whatever location has wi-fi, this little guide outlines the 4 hours a week that are critical for your business to keep bringing in new clients and with that increased income.

Expressing the Divine by Janine Bolon

Expressing the Divine: A Guidebook for the Enlightened Soul

Spiritual but not religious? You’ve come to the right place!

Expressing the Divine is the third installment in Janine Bolon’s Divine Series. This guidebook is one of many possible answers to the questions you seek. I found what I was looking for on December 26, 2010. For most of my life I had a single overarching desire. I wanted an audience with God. I had some massive questions to ask Him/Her regarding the state of the world, why it operated the way it did and why I was here. These questions have all been answered for me and if my path can in any way give you clues to your answer, then it is appropriate for us to travel together for a time to see if any of my answers can support your own journey of seeking. In this volume you will discover:
  • Your Personal Spiritual Gifts
  • Different Labels of Mystics Expression
  • Creating Stability With the Four Disciplines
  • Creating Your Life Path Through the Pleasure of Routines
  • Powerful 3 Minute Meditations
  • Finding Future Vision in 3 Simple Steps
  • Fundamental Frequencies for Every Mystic
  • Expanding Your Spiritual Gifts While Increasing Your Cash Flow
As you move through this book I’ll be starting off with basic concepts that you may have already experienced. I do this so that we have common ground for the descriptions I will give further on in the book. When you’re done reading this book, I would enjoy getting an email from you where you describe your own personal experiences. Enjoy!
Ditch Your Debt While Banking Bucks by Janine Bolon

Ditch Your Debt While Banking Bucks


Money…It’s Not Just for Rich People!

This book is the collection of years of teaching and research on sound financial principles and how to apply them in your own life no matter your debt load. This is a book that goes beyond the theory of how to live debt-free and gives you a step-by-step, practical approach on how to get rid of your debt while saving money at the same time.

Cash, Cars and College

Money! You always need it but never have it, right? Well, now you’re an up-and-coming adult, so it’s time to get a new financial plan all your own. Cash, Cars and College will give you that plan. This short book will provide a step-by-step system for making, saving, and spending money – one that will have you started down the road to real riches before you finish college. These simple steps have been used successfully by hundreds of my young adult students (ages 12 to 20) to create cash and win wealth. So hop on the gravy train for yourself, and enjoy the ride!

Ditching Debt

Seeking the Divine by Janine Bolon

Seeking the Divine

Finding the Divine by Janine Bolon

Finding the Divine

Creating with the Divine by Janine Bolon

Creating with the Divine